Indoor Climbing wall K2 - Bratislava

Lezecká stena K2 Bratislava

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Sign in children on regular climbing training or courses.

Lezecké kurzy pre dospelých

Climbing Courses for Adults

See offer climbing courses for beginners and advanced.

Indoor Climbing Wall K2 Bratislava


Our climbing wall and its space are perfectly suitable for indoor teambuilding.

Indoor Climbing Wall K2 Bratislava

Price list

Entry fee, Season tickets, Rental service

The largest climbing wall in Slovakia

The total area of climbing surface is 2,000 square meters and max. a height of 15.5 meters including a bouldering wall. There is a rental service, climbing instructors, shop, cafe and children's playground.

Latest K2 Climbing Wall


IV. Anniversary

IV. Anniversary of Openning Climbing Wall K2 Would...

30.1.2017 0 0

Opening Christmas Hours

Christmas Greetings! With many good wishes for Chr...

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MSR Obtiažnosť, Drytooling 2016, Lezecká stena K2 - Bratislava

Slovak Championship in Lead Climbing & Drytooling 03. 12. 2016

Slovak championship in lead climbing and drytoolin...

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Majstrovstvá SR v lezení detí 2016

Open Slovak Climbing Championship for Children 2016

  Open Slovak Climbing Championship for Child...

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Medzinárodné Majstrovstvá Slovenska v Drytoolingu

International Slovak Championship in drytooling

On Saturday, 5. 12. 2015 We (it will be soon tradi...

30.11.2015 0 1
Lezecká liga - November

Climbing League – November 2015

May the force be with you We climeb many kilometer...

6.11.2015 0 0
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