by Oliver Olekšák

Are you ready for the new adventure?

KIDSWALL is a climbing wall that immerses children in a world of fun and fantasy. Thanks to the unique profiles on which children can climb it brings a new dimension to climbing.

🟠 Conquering the top of the wall, even after several previous falls, is an amazing feeling. All the more so if these walls are transformed into a colorful world close to children.

🟠 Children will tackle a number of climbing obstacles of varying climbing difficulty while being safely secured.

🟠 You can climb a dark chimney, climb giant cubes, tame a dragon, fly to the moon, jump from a crane... to classic walls with children's grips.

🟠 Everyone will really have fun here, even those who have never tried climbing before.



9,50 / child
  • the price includes the rental of the necessary climbing equipment (harness, helmet)
  • children are supervised by instructors
  • you need to bring climbing shoes or clean sports shoes and sports clothes (climbing shoes can be rented for an additional fee)
  • duration – 1.5 hours (climbing time is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes)
  • for children from 5 years old

What KIDSWALL offers:


Get ready for a big leap – a leap of courage! Climb onto the platform of the crane, take a deep breath and jump! You jump on a trapeze attached to the arm of the crane, which can be moved closer or further away from the edge of the cabin from which you jump.

Chimney with UV light holders

Climbing in a dark chimney among jellyfish that glow in the dark. There’s nowhere to escape in the chimney, but don’t worry, these jellyfish won’t sting you.

Children drytooling's

Children can experience what it’s like to climb the highest peaks of the mountains even with the appropriate equipment – wooden climbing ice axes adapted for children.

Chinese dragon

Taming of the Chinese dragon, characterized by its long tail. Can you climb to the end of it?

A space rocket

To the moon!

Start at 3, 2,1. The rocket took off towards the moonlit sky full of stars. Getting to the moon has never been easier than here.

Forest and City

There are many tall buildings in the city that you can climb. If you like nature more, you can get to know the animals living in the forest not only on the ground, but also in the treetops.

Climbing nets

Nets did not only serve fishermen and sailors to catch fish. Using a net, the ship’s navigator was able to reach his basket on top of the ship. Experience what it’s like to climb such a network and see our hall from a new perspective from its top.

Flying islands

The islands began to move. They float in the sky. Two identical profiles on which you can compete in climbing speed. Who will climb the last island first?

Octopus from the sea depths

Some sea monsters, such as octopuses, can grow up to 9 meters long. Such a huge octopus has also settled here and will allow you to climb its tentacles up to your head.

Huge cubes

“The dice are thrown”. Not here, here they are built on top of each other.

Children's climbing routes - 8m and 11m wall

Hot air balloon (preparing)

A balloon trip is an unforgettable experience. But have you already been to the top of the balloon? With us, you can climb it up.

Openings Hours KidsWall

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Opening hours are indicative only and are adjusted according to reservations in the Isportsystem reservation system.
A place on KIDSWALL is only guaranteed with a pre-paid reservation.

Please read the general terms and conditions that you will find here.

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