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Our climbing wall and its space are perfectly suitable for indoor teambuilding. We offer many interesting games and disciplines that strengthen team spirit and relationships not only in the workplace. Through disciplines you learn to trust not only to each other, but mainly to yourself.

Part of the climbing wall is a cafe-bar where you can install the catering service. Cafe-bar is also suitable for watching films or company presentations and parties.

For the youngest ones there is a children’s corner.

Disciplines and games

Relay Climbing

Two teams climb against each other

30.00 / Hour

Blindfold Climbing

Two teams climb against each other blindfolded

30.00 / Hour

Belay your Colegue

You will learn how to belay safety your coworker. Enhance mutual trust within the team.

13.00 / Person

Jump from a scissor lift

Length 50 m, 5m elevation

30.00 / Hour

100.00 / Intalation

Tower from Crates

Competitors are trying to build a tower of crates while standing on the tower . They are not allowed to touch the ground. The rest of the team pass crates using a roller.

30.00 / Hour

30.00 / Intalation

Educational Path

Participants will be divided into teams. They are given a list of questions. Questions may focus on any subject (for example on a type of business of the company). The goal is to collect as many clues as possible. Clues will help to answer questions and will be hidden at the end of climbing routes. Team with the most correct answers is winning.

30.00 / Hour

Permanent Price

15.00 / Person
  • Entrance Fee
  • Rental of Climbing Gear
  • One day free climbing
  • Doesn´t include other disciplines

Example of price calculation

      • 45 visitors (no exclusivity) – (45 x 15€)
      • Disciplines
        • Blind climbing – 1h (30€/ hour)
        • 8m shuttle jump – 1h (30€/ hour)
        • Tower from crates – 1h (30€/ instalation+ 15€/ hour)
      • = 45 x 15€ + 30€ + 30€ + 60€ = 795€


Requirement to enclose the wall

1800.00 Teambuilding
  • Includes Permanent Fee
  • If there is less then 100 teambuilders, climbing wall will be open for public. (During the day, the traffic is considerably lower than in the evening.)

Example of price calculation

  • 50 visitors = (50 x 15€) 550 € fee
  • + charge for exclusivity 1 250 € = 1 800 €


Our menu offers wide choise of warm drink, soft or alcohol drinks, beer, but also fast food like hotdogs, toasts and others. If required, we can prepare other snack buffe or whole catering.