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Climbing League – November 2015

May the force be with you We climeb many kilometers last two months and now is time for the second phase of the training process, for the force. If Yoda will stand by you during next two months, may be your hands won´t fall out. Pricesare as usually for the…

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Climbing League – October 2015

Lezecká liga - Október

Second round of volume! Drilling, drilling and more driling! The second round of volume trainings is ready. New routes, new exercises and new climbing bonuses. Last month there was a prove that everything is possible to climb. And only bonuses decided who was the winner. Prices for the most gained…

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Climbing League – September 2015

Lezecká liga - September

Get ready for the first round of the volume! From 01 to 30, 09, runs the September round of climbing the league. The rules and categories remain unchanged, but within the eight-month training cycle with Juraj Repčík will add elements of climbing training. During September and October will be climbing…

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Climbing league with Juraj Repcik

Lezecká liga s Jurajom Repčíkom

8 months of league with training elements by Juraj Repčík   Since September, we have prepared a little improved climbing the league. During the eight months we put your body in shape, we improve climbing ability and hopefully you will move up about half a degree higher in climbing classification….

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