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Climbing league with Juraj Repcik

Lezecká liga s Jurajom Repčíkom

8 months of league with training elements by Juraj Repčík


Since September, we have prepared a little improved climbing the league. During the eight months we put your body in shape, we improve climbing ability and hopefully you will move up about half a degree higher in climbing classification.

Juraj Repčík will prepare every two monts the league which will focus on a specific aspect of the training process. We will focus on volume, strength, explosiveness and ultimately performance.


During the first two months we will try to climb as much meters as possible. Quantity is the only quality basis for further training. We will try to gain persistence and of course we will do pull-ups a lot

September League


We will reduce the volume and add to the burden. We´set some hard climbing routes and training “wheels”. We learn different tricks training to improve footwork in overhangs and you will see that even without the legs it can be climable. And to not forget, once again we can also add some pull-ups and campus 😉


From the brute force there must be a possibility to carve something… Special exercises to improve your explosiveness like jumps, single-handed climbing, campus, training of technique, and again pull-ups when they love you so much. If you will notice, after this part of training, under a layer of fat on the arms or back some lumps, do not go with it to the doctor, they can be muscle.

Ultimately performance

6 months of training must have a positive effect on climbing performance. And if you do not report reminder messages like: “Sprays 10:30, 11:00 electro” tuning your body passed successfully. The cylinders are drilled, turbo is working at full speed in his veins rolls kerosene … It is time to shift from 3+ to 4- or even not.


Climbing league with Juraj Repcik

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