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European Cup – Ice Climbing 2017, Bratislava

9th December 2017 Competition short info: 4 qualificafion routes of different difficulties for both men and women. Routes will be set for beginners and also for the advanced competitors. After the qualification the strongest men and women will join the finals with one ultimate final route. It’s not over after…

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Slovak Lead Climbing Championship 2017

Slovak Lead Climbing Championship 2017 We invite all climbers on 09.12.2017 at the Slovak Lead Climbing Championship 2017. Just like every year, there is an online registration, which is MANDATORY. Registration To save time for presentation of climbers we ask averyone to fill in REGISTRATION CLOSED. Please, take time and…

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Boulder Prásk vol.6

Boulder Prásk vol.6 - Lezecká stena K2 - Bratislava

Boulder Prásk vol.6 In Friday, 3.17 will be held the sixth round boulder “fast-race”. Rules as usual. After hard work, there is a party with DJ Ludwig van Beethovien. “Take your tracksuit, put a Mayflower in you hair, put on your warmy slippers and prepare your freeze-dried body for the…

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IV. Anniversary

IV. Anniversary of Openning Climbing Wall K2 Would not we say, that we already have four years. With humans, the age of four starts preschool period, but we feel like in good ripe wine. In the fourth anniversary we are preparing climbing marathon. It’s pairs competition in climbing up the…

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Slovak Championship in Lead Climbing & Drytooling 03. 12. 2016

MSR Obtiažnosť, Drytooling 2016, Lezecká stena K2 - Bratislava

Slovak championship in lead climbing and drytooling Saturday 03. 12. 2016 Rules Lead qualification 3 routes FLASH final 1 route OS Drytool qualification 4 routes FLASH final 1 route OS Registration Online registration is obligated ONLINE REGISTRATION. Registration deadline is 02.12.2016 23:00. Partners General Partneri Climbers:

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International Slovak Championship in drytooling

Medzinárodné Majstrovstvá Slovenska v Drytoolingu

On Saturday, 5. 12. 2015 We (it will be soon traditionally) held International Slovak Championship in drytooling. We welcome absolutely everyone. Indeed, organizers promised that there will be climbing routes also for beginners. So before the ice will leak in mountains, come and join us! Climbing wall will be open…

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Video: Tomas Plevko – Finals 2014

Finále 2014 – MSR Video from Slovak Championship 2014 for children and youth in difficulty. Tomáš Plevko climb final route. He also won in his category. This year, Thomas did not attend, we have grown and include adult.

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