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by Jan Lasac

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Stará Ivanská cesta 1/B, 821 04 Bratislava 2



8 005 Fanúšikov


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    Lezecká stena s.r.o.

    Stará Ivanská cesta 1/B 821 04 Bratislava 2

    +421 948 176 060

    IČO: 46735151

    DPH: SK2023579217

    Indoor Climbing Wall K2

    Our climbing wall with its area is the largest wall in Slovakia. From the official opening – 07. 02. 2013 we have added numbers of climbing profiles. We offer climbing for climbers who prefer quality and difficult lines, but also for beginners. 

    During the first visit we take you through an introductory climbing course, which is necessary for getting to know the climbing itself, with climbing equipment and safety on the wall.

    The quality of climbing routes and lines are constantly taken care of by our staff. Roads are varied regularly, so a great variability of climbing is always available to you. Each route is marked with a solid colour, a name and a degree of difficulty.

    The wall is dominated by an enourmous overhang that troubles even the most experienced climbersand is surrounded by vertical and slightly overhung profiles. From the back of the overhang is “leaning against” recreational placed profile. There´s a “rectangular” line or an imitation of natural rock made from laminate that has an interesting shape.