by Adam

Experience adventure on our new childrens climbing wall, that is one of its kind in Slovakia. It brings a new dimension to climbing, thanks to its special climbing profiles, on which the kids climb.

Are you ready for the new adventure?

KIDSWALL is a climbing wall that immerses children in a world of fun and fantasy. Thanks to the unique profiles on which children can climb, it brings a new dimension to climbing.

🟠  Conquering the top of the wall, even after several previous falls, is an amazing feeling. All the more so if these walls are transformed into a colorful world close to children.

🟠  Children will tackle a number of climbing obstacles of varying climbing difficulty while being safely secured.

🟠  You can climb a dark chimney, climb giant cubes, tame a dragon, fly to the moon, jump from a crane... to classic walls with children's grips.

🟠  Everyone will really have fun here, even those who have never tried climbing before.



7,50 / child
  • recommended for children from 5 years old
  • Children up to 15 years are only allowed with an adult
  • the price includes the rental of the necessary climbing equipment (harness, helmet)
  • you need to bring climbing shoes or clean sports shoes and sports clothes (climbing shoes can be rented for an additional fee)
  • limited to single/one-way entry
  • entry during normal opening hours, unless KIDSWALL is closed for groups

What can be found on our KIDSWALL:

The Crane

Prepare for a leap of faith! Climb the ladder all the way up  to the platform and jump!

You can compete with your friends, who is going to junp further or hold on longer on the hanging bar.

Dark Chimney with UV holds

Climbing in this dark cave with glowing jellyfish. Don’t worry, these jellyfish do not sting.

Children's drytooling

Here, children can try how to conquer the highest mountains with special wooden climbing tools – adjusted for them.

Chinese dragon

Can you tame the great chinese dragon with his very long tail and climb all the way to the top ?

Cosmic Spaceship

To the moon!

Take off in 3, 2,1. The rocket blasts off to the moonlit skies full of stars. Only here is the journey to the moon so easy.

Town and Forest

Scale the highest buildings in the city or if you prefer nature, climb up the trees with all the forest animals.

Climbing Net

The nets were not used only for fishing by sailors or fishermen. They were also there for navigators to climb up to their nest on top of the ship. Climb up the net and have a look at our hall from the highest point.

Floating Islands

The islands are moving across the sky. Two identical routes, on which you can determine, who is the faster climber.

Deep-sea Octopus

Some sea creatures, like octopuses, can grow up to be even 9 metres long. One of them lives here and you can climb on her tentacles all the way up her head.

Giant Cubes

“The die are cast” … but not here, we stacked them on top of each other.

Children climbing routes - 8 and 11m wall

Hot Air Balloon (preparing)

A balloon trip is an unforgettable experience. Here, you can climb on the of the balloon itself.

Opening hours may vary in regards to reservations made in the online reservation system – Isportsystem.

Please, read the General terms and conditions, which you can find here.

Gallery can be found  here.